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    M.D. Granite Repair offers the highest quality stone repair, restoration, and sealing services in both Calgary and Edmonton areas.
    Our clients come in all shapes and sizes. We work with everybody from homeowners, landlords, realtors to warranty repair claims for big wholesale companies, commercial businesses and local granite shops.
    We have a reputation in stone for unparalleled performance, in handling the most challenging and high profile assignments of both the commercial and residential sectors.
    Our team of experts Stone Fabricators will be able to help you with any type of granite or quartz repair you require.

Our Services

Granite Services

M.D. Granite Repair and sealing has been helping families repair and restore their damaged stone countertops and floors for over 10 years! Our skilled technicians use only the highest grade materials to ensure you get the highest quality product.

* Granite and Quartz chip repair
* Sealing and deep cleaning service
* Stain removal
* broken or cracked countertops
* broken or damaged seam repair
* replacing sinks
* Surface polishing
* Coring holes for faucets, reverse osmosis systems, hot water taps, soap dispensers or for computer desks.
* Adjustments for new stoves or cook tops⁷
* We also sell and install new quartz countertops.
* Stone floor polishing and restoration

M.D. Granite Repair & Sealing BBB Business Review
Granite Sealing

"A smart thing to do!"

Calgary's very best sealing service will leave your granite countertops looking bright with a shiny wet look. First we thoroughly deep clean your granite, exfoliating everything out of the pores of the stone and removing any light surface stains. Then we use our specially engineered colour enhancing sealer ( not available to the public ) This will not only help protect your granite from etching and staining but also leave it looking BRIGHT and new again.

“A sealer is like a coat of armor for your countertop. Sealer will decrease the opportunity for something to stain or harm your surface. A protected stone will be easier to clean, resist staining, and provide a safer and healthier environment. By sealing your stone, you will more easily retain the natural beauty of the surface."

Granite is normally a porous stone, but our expert granite sealing prevents damage from any liquids that could otherwise seep in. Our years of expertise in the field ensures that you get the highest quality service available.

Stone Repair

"We have seen it all...and repaired it!"

Our skillful stone technicians can repair almost any problem that you have. From small chips along the edge of your countertop or around the sink, broken or cracked areas in front of a sink or cooktop stove, hairline cracks to countertops that have completely split apart.

Repairing broken or damaged stone usually helps prevent it from getting worse. If you are selling your home, this is something that is fairly inexpensive but makes a noticeable difference in your home.

Stain Removal

If you have a stain or discoloration in your granite or quartz countertops, we may be able to remove it! Our technicians have lots of experience removing ugly spots or stains and will have you breathing a sigh of relief.

Replacing Sinks

If your kitchen sink has fallen and needs to be reinstalled, or if you are thinking of replacing your sink with a brand new sink, our technicians I can help you with this project.

Surface Polishing

Make your countertop SHINE again!

We can polish your entire countertop to a brilliant shine.

Our technician will use a power polisher and our SPECTACULAR "Super Shine" polish (made EXCLUSIVELY for M.D. GRANITE REPAIR ) and hand polish your entire countertop to a beautiful shine.

Drilling Holes

Need a hole for your new reverse osmosis systems , hot water systems, taps and faucets.

If you need a a hole drilled in your stone countertop for any reason we have the skill and right-sized parts for this project.

Stone Floor Cleaning and Polishing

We can bring back the shine to your dull floors ! If you have floors in need of some TLC we will preform a tile and grout clean and polish leaving them looking fresh and shiney again!

Why Choose Us

We are not only trusted by home owner and builders but also by IKEA and COSTCO for all their warranty repair claims across Southern Alberta and British Columbia. We are a local family run business, demonstrating integrity and craftsmanship in everything we do.

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star star star star star

Wow!! What a great experience!!
Quick, reliable, and did an amazing job.

star star star star star

We called MD granite repair in a panic, a large piece from the corner of our kitchen island cracked and broke off. Michael was absolutely amazing so informative and has a wealth of knowledge about different stone. We thought our counter tops were granite,,apparently they are marble. Michael gave us important care and cleaning advise. It turns out we were destroying out countertops lolol.
We also thought his price from the job was fair. This company with always be my go to from now on. I highly recommend them

star star star star star

The granite it our home was 25 years old with etching and cloudiness issues. We contacted Michael, and he was professional, timely and answered all of our questions. The polishing and resealing of the granite made it look new again. Thanks for an awesome job Michael!

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